Where You Want To Be

Let's get this out and on the table...

The princess walked in,
just to take more attention.
She says
live up to your first impression,
Well my best side was your worst invention.

I'm coming over
but it never was enough
I thought it through and my worst brings out the best in you
Can't you live without the attention?

If chasing our dreams
is just a distraction,
I had a better friend in my worst of plans,
Than I ever had in either one of you.

So pace the stairs to your apartment
Like it's where you wanna be
the floor caught fire with footsteps (my footsteps)
And spread like a disease to the door

Move like a shadow up to your mattress
Deep, dark, and devastating
Leaving no question as to where you've been

oh, you're silent but strong, yeah,
I'm playing that card
See the months they don't matter it's the days I can't take
When the hours move to minutes and I'm seconds away
and you're noticing nothing again

But nothing seems important anymore,
when the most I could do was to just blame myself
i say you just never gave it a chance

Go on just say it,
You need me like a bad habit,
it's never bad enough
to just leave or give up
but, its never good enough to feel right.

You're built from distractions
so brilliantly dull
Do you think he'd be better
doing what i do best?

Are you ashamed to say what you want
to tell me you want to?
We’re just protecting ourselves from our self.

you said it makes you want to fall in love
or be smart enough to keep your distance
just get dressed, don't do this
you should have never come here alone

It bleeds horizontal straight from your wrist.
Anyone will do tonight
Close your eyes, just settle, settle
remember more than you'd like to forget

I wanted you for nothing more,
Than hating you for what you were,
To hell with you and all your friends, it's on
If that's what you wanted to hear,
If that is how you'll let it burn.

We paint our sins on the ceiling
I keep them glued to my chest
It keeps me close like a promise kept
So scream louder now

This glass house is burning down
You light the match, I'll stick around

I'm sorry it took me so long (to come around)

Tell All Your Friends.

So0o i'm pretty lame,
and I do this thing,
where I combine lyrics,
into one story.
(well a story to me..)
so this may not make any sence to any of you,
but if anyone <3's TBS as much as I do,
you'll sorta understand this one....


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So aparantly i got over it.

I hated livejournal, 
for the highschool drama of it all.

But then i got really bored at work,
and figured,
hell why not.

And now begins what i'm sure will be an ongoing obsession.
or perhaps i shall forget about this journal of mine,
in merly a week.

well now i'm going to go browse for friends & communities.

that is all for now.


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